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Neck Back Shoulder
I leave his office freed up from pain and with a deep feeling of well being...
The work is never about him and his success, but about what I need to learn to heal...
He works with, not on, his clients...He is totally committed to increasing wellness in the world.
I am a physician as well as an individual who has experienced musculoskeletal pain related to cervical spine disease.
I found Mark to be an extremely insightful and motivated provider of care.
I was referred to a specialist... and confirmed the frozen shoulder diagnosis.
During my first session [with Mark] I felt that I was finally on the road to recovery.
...with a painful arm and shoulder injury... After only a handful of treatments, the pain was nearly gone and my range
of motion and function was substantial, if not entirely, restored.
After three months... and a lot of discouragement I felt that the use
of my arm would be limited for the rest of my life... By the time Mark had
completed therapy with me, I had regained 80 to 90% of my range of motion...
There have been times that I have been almost unable to walk because of lower back pain and after a session with Mark I have literally been able to get off of the table and walk.
IF that is not a miracle...
As a Chiropractor... Mark can effectively treat muscle spasms, myofascial trigger points, chronic muscle tension
and biomechanical muscle imbalance.
Headaches and Migaines
My migraines were daily and debilitating... treatment began by your expertly explaining to me how my muscles...
Mark has the “hands of a healer”. I found this sensitivity through touch and effectiveness in treating me to be amazing... I also spent twelve years on the board of a medical hospital...
Leg Pain Sciatica
He has helped me overcome many plateaus with my injuries. ...Veteran Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor... Having a history ITB Syndrome...
At first I was hesitant to receive one just because I was uncomfortable with exposing my body to a “stranger”... My experience with Therapeutic massage was in a word “Phenomenal”
His education level is very high and so I was able to trust his judgment and relax with the confidence that he would not hurt me.
My lower back and leg muscles haven't felt this good in months!
As a mountain biker racer who frequently logs hundreds of exercise miles a week.
Foot Pain Plantar Faciitis
Mark has an exceptional personality and promotes positive energy from his very being.
He is also a fine human being… He is caring and willing to listen with concern…
Hand and Wrist Pain
The mobility in my shoulders, arms, wrist, hands and entire body is amazing...
I can honestly say no body gives a massage and finds the pressure points for muscle relief like Mark...
As a chiropractor... I found his knowledge and training to be outstanding...
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
As a physician... I also greatly appreciate his understanding the limits of his techniques, unlike some other practitioners in his field...
... you were the person that made the pain stop. My posture improve, and I felt the best I had felt in years... I never was quite sure how you worked your magic, but magic it was...
Mark has a fountain of youth in his hands.
Golfer's Elbow Medial Epicondylitis
I have been acquainted with Mark LaBounty for over ten years and know him to be very professional. He has taken advanced courses in massage and my patients who have received massage from him have been pleased.
James Charkalis, D.C.
Tennis Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis
Mark has the gift of healing through the experience of massage. As a long time customer, when I would try other massage therapists, I would always compare them to Mark, and he is always the best. His holistic approach, his knowledge of anatomy, his attention and awareness of his customers needs is extraordinary. When you have a massage from Mark, it is a memorable experience for mind, body and soul.
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