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I am a veteran Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor in the New Hampshire seacoast area. I race sailboats, mountain bike, and weight train in the summers; winters are spent in Stowe , VT training for alpine ski racing.
Having a history ITB Syndrome and other overuse injuries from the sports I participate in, I have sought assistance with rehabilitation from several modalities. Mark LaBounty, with his excellent knowledge base and continues education that is bar none. He has helped me overcome many plateaus with my injuries.
My work puts me in contact with many therapists. I have found Mark LaBounty to be one of the leaders in the field. I am honored to know him as a therapist and I thank him.
Heather Kennedy
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
If someone were to ask me about massage my response would be “I don't receive them enough”. At first I was hesitant to receive one just because I was uncomfortable with exposing my body to a “stranger” , however once I received one from my friend Mark I then realized what I had been missing. From that first experience I decided that I needed to treat myself to a massage on a regular basis. Have I? No, but only because I do not make the time but am still working on it.
My experience with Therapeutic massage was in a word “Phenomenal”. I was sharing with Mark my issues with my Lower back, left buttock pain and he shared that he could perform massage therapy that could address my pain. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. He was right. He was able to determine the root cause of my pain and treat the area in question. It was an hour of work on his part and an hour of breathing exercises for me but it was doing the trick. There were times that I requested a non treatment massage just so I could enjoy the rest and relaxation of a massage.
In addition to the therapy Mark and I would spend time reviewing stretches and floor exercises following my treatment. I would recommend Mark as a Massage Therapist any day. Though we are friends, he always maintains a professional relationship during our hour of time spent together. He listens to his customers and truly tries to determine the root causes of problem areas. He provides a soft therapeutic environment, has available top of the line equipment. He demonstrates passion for massage therapy and takes pride in his work. Thank you!
Mark LaBounty has been my personal Masseur for five years. Originally I went to him for problems with my back and he was very informative as to how to treat this condition and to massage this area with the correct procedure. His education level is very high and so I was able to trust his judgment and relax with the confidence that he would not hurt me.
After I had my back operated on he continued to treat this area so that now I am pain free and without muscle spasms. My husband and I had weekly massages from Mark and found them to be beneficial to our health. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone.
Sincerely Yours,
Peggy Smith
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the professional massage I received. Yours is a first class operation which boasts both a relaxing ambiance and therapeutic physical massage. My lower back and leg muscles haven't felt this good in months!
As a mountain biker racer who frequently logs hundreds of exercise miles a week , a professional massage can often be the difference between success and athletic failure. Your combination of Aromatherapy and deep massage really helped bring about a much faster recuperation period for my tired muscles.
Again Mark, thank you for all your help. It would seem you have found your true calling and should be proud of the relief you offer to so many suffering people. If I can ever serve as a spokesperson for your organization, please do not hesitate to call upon me.
Best regards,
Michael C. Schmidt.
Field Sales Administrator
Tubbs Snowshoe Co.
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