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Do you need relief from stress or everyday aches and pains? I cannot say enough about Mark's massage. I have been going to Mark for over 10 years and I can honestly say no body gives a massage and finds the pressure points for muscle relief like Mark. I have been to spas and had many massages from different people and the best massage I have receive is from Mark. Every time I go see him, I am at a point where I can hardly move from the tension in my muscles. At times during my massage it hurts and I feel like why does it hurt so much, however, 1 ½ hours later I cannot only move again but I feel GREAT. The mobility in my shoulders, arms, wrist, hands and entire body is amazing after a massage with Mark. You are very fortunate to have Mark in your area and I will be traveling to NH to receive a massage whenever possible.
As a means of expanding my knowledge and treatment proficiency, I took a medical massage certification program through LMT Success Group, Inc. At the seminar series, I was very fortunate to meet and work with Mr. Mark LaBounty. I found his knowledge and training to be outstanding. He showed a natural intuition towards treating muscular injuries. I witnessed his confidence and caring personality as he practiced the neuromuscular therapy protocols for the cervical and lumbar regions.
Medical massage is not a general massage treatment. It is manual therapy applied to the primary pathology of the patient's chief complaint. Using diagnostic palpation findings, medical massage involves the progressive stages of soft tissue treatment and joint mobilization techniques. This is not simply a “technique”, but a synthesis of biomechanical knowledge, experience and intuition.
I found that the protocols learned in this medical massage training mirrored the work of Vladimir Janda and his theory of upper and lower cross syndrome. Muscles that are tight will reciprocally inhibit certain opposing muscles causing unbalances “cross patterns”. These muscular body (neck, shoulders, arms and torso) and lower body (low back, hips and legs) cross syndromes are consistent with what is seen in cervical or lumbar injuries. The techniques learned mix a balance of origin-insertion work and fascial manipulation with stretching techniques that correct the cross patterns.
Personally, I have had excellent, lasting results using the techniques learned on a cervical whiplash, lumbar sprain/strain injuries, disc injuries, shoulder ailments and even hip conditions. As a chiropractor , I am strongly advocating the use of medical massage on all musculoskeletal conditions in conjunction with the traditional chiropractic care. The synergy between the practices makes for quicker, longer lasting results that patients will recommend with conviction.
Dr. Todd Davis
Davis Chiropractic
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