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This letter of reference is being written on behalf of Mark LaBounty. Mark has an exceptional personality and promotes positive energy from his very being.
Mark's work at Family Physical Therapy was multi faceted. He originally started working in the main office where his responsibilities included: patient scheduling, insurance authorizations, data entry for billings, posting payments and follow up correspondence with the doctor's offices. He learned these tasks quickly, and dealing with insurance companies is not an easy task. Mark was very considerate of our clients when he had conversations with them. This job was a summer position, which completed in a very satisfactory manner.
After demonstrating his massage skills to me, I felt that the strength of his manual skill of massage would be very beneficial to our clients. Mark has exemplary massage skills and has a concrete understanding of the consequences that pain and injury play in a person's recovery process and progressing to a healthier life. In the clinic, he was able to effectively help decrease pain, decrease edema, decrease soft tissue and muscle congestion, improve range of motion and promote a positive attitude in our clients through his skills and mannerisms.
Mark has passion for and about his work and his life and it shows with interactions with all those he comes with. He is a wonderful man and it was a pleasure to be associated with him, both as a professional and as a personal friend.
Jayne D. Collins, M.S, P.T., A.T.C
Owner – Family Physical Therapy
I have known Mark LaBounty for approximately ten years…He has been my massage therapist for that period of time.
I am an active 68 year old who skis, works out regularly at the gym, wind surfs and golfs. Mark has aided me in keeping my body healthy for these endeavors.
I have watched Mark grow over the years in his knowledge of how the body works, and how to keep it functioning properly. He has studied constantly, and schooled himself in the various therapies which are necessary to keep the body healthy and ready for athletic use.
At times I have been bothered with lower back pain and other ailments…Mark has helped me through those periods.
He is also a fine human being…He is caring and willing to listen with concern… It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to socialize with Mark and his wife Cheryl and they are both bright and dedicated to their work.
I have only the highest respect for Mark's abilities and attitude towards healing through massage therapy. It is a pleasure for me to recommend him to others.
Alan Golub
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