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I am very pleased to write a letter in support of Mark LaBounty. Mark has provided massage services for myself and for my wife for approximately 10 years. He has been of great assistance to us in helping with a variety of painful conditions including low back pain, neck pain, trapezius spasm and general aches and pains after exercise. In addition to the therapeutic results, we both find his sessions extremely relaxing.
As a physician , I greatly appreciate Mark's attempt to apply his scientific knowledge to his art. He frequently attends courses to update his skills and knowledge. I also greatly appreciate his understanding the limits of his techniques, unlike some other practitioners in his field who may make unrealistic claims of efficacy. Mark does understand and embrace the concept of evidence-based results.
Mark has always been extremely professional in his approach and demeanor and we both are very comfortable in recommending him without hesitation.
Ronald P. Goldberg, M.D.
Hi Mark, Just a quick note to tell you how much I miss you. My body is screaming, - that I need you for a treatment. I never was quite sure how you worked your magic, but magic it was. I tried to describe it to people, but unless you actually have the experience, it's hard to make them see how wonderful it is. At times, when my body was really hurting, which was always, because I work seven days a week, you were the person that made the pain stop. My posture improve, and I felt the best I had felt in years. I hope to see you soon. If anyone ever needs to talk to me about what you do, please have them call me.
One satisfied Lady
Faye Stocker
Mark has a fountain of youth in his hands. He quenches our thirst for the body we used to have when we were younger, and gives us back our playful possibilities.
Sandy Morningstar
Body Centered Therapist
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