Headaches and Migraines Letters
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I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the relief you have given me during my treatments with you. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in my treatment for migraine headaches, work related stress and muscle aches. You have made this about getting me well and coached me in ways and techniques to help myself when my shoulders and neck were screaming.
I remember vividly when I came to see you for the first time. My migraines were daily and debilitating. A chiropractor, physical therapist, and neurologist had treated me. I had tried many different drug therapy routines and found very little relief. I was given a gift certificate for one hour and thought it might help. Our first interview was detailed and specific. I was very impressed by your knowledge and accomplishments, feeling I was in the hands of a true professional. This was the beginning of a partnership and friendship that has lasted for years.
My treatment began by your expertly explaining to me how my muscles were reacting and what we would have to do together to get me to a pain free place. You were patient, and encouraging with every appointment about not giving up. The pain did subside and the migraines lessened. If I found myself in a stressful situation, I would try the stretching routines you taught me. They worked and I use them frequently.
Over the years, you have seen me though good times and bad. You gave me expert advice when I broke my ankle and gave me the relief I needed when I was wheel chair bound. You have been instrumental to getting me back on my feet again. You have been friend, neighbor and trusted confidante. I predict many successes coming your way if you treat all your clients in the same caring, professional manner. Thank you for all you do.
Darlene McKnight
I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend massage therapist Mark LaBounty. I grew up in a home dominated by an allopathic physician who is very suspicious of any therapies not provided or managed by the mainstream medical community. For many years I shared that skepticism and have only cautiously explored alternatives. I also spent twelve years on the board of a medical hospital where I participated in many discussions of evolving approaches to medicine and the issues of “alternative” treatment.
About twenty months ago, I started seeing Mark for help with chronic headaches including migraine and chronic back pain. I was immediately impressed. In addition to symptomatic relief, Mark gave me an extensive education in anatomy, myo-fascial pain, improving my posture, pain prevention, and self treatment. He also provided both treatment and education for specific joint pain including help that greatly eased my journey through a shoulder injury and surgery.
Mark has the “hands of a healer”. I found this sensitivity through touch and effectiveness in treating me to be amazing. I have been equally impressed by his passion for learning and sharing what he learns. He is constantly studying anatomy, physiology, massage and related therapies on his own and through seminars and courses with others. I am a person who wants to know the how and why of things, and Mark's eagerness to share his knowledge with me and help me find answers to my questions has been an important part of improving my health. He also readily tells me when either my health problems or questions are beyond his area of expertise. He frequently encourages me to seek help and information from my family physician and other health care providers. He is also eager to discuss treatment planning with them when circumstances and their interests allow.
A friend whom I recommended Mark came back to me with effusive comments about his magical touch, his sensitivity to her personal spirituality, and his generous sharing of his knowledge. I would recommend Mark to anyone, whether for individual treatment or the development of integrative medicine programs-something I truly hope to see soon in my community.
Dawn K. Andrews
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